Live Video Production

Live Video Production

Are you looking for the way to standout from the crowd when it comes to video?  New Grace Media is the only company in the tri-state region that has the capability to broadcast your video live on Social Media platform and conference calls.  Our system can stream and record up to 8 camera sources, graphics, intro/outro videos and more.  The kit includes the capability of 16 channel sound board along with wireless mics.  You could go live from your cell phone, but when you see the quality of using cinema cameras, you will not want to record on a phone ever again.

Video Introduction
Commercial Video
Sidewalk Prophets Live Concert
LOHworship Music Video
Project Hope
Commercial Video
WMSR Generations Commercial
WMSR Dining Commercial
Movie Theatre Commercial
Wedding Video
Ethan & Audrey
Tyler & Morgan
Ryan & Amie

Commercial Video

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  • 30 Second Final Cut
  • 3 Hours On-Location
  • 5 Hours Post Production Editing
  • Tele-Prompter
  • Lighting
  • Audio

Aerial Video

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  • 1 Hour On Location
  • 1 Hour Post Production Editing
  • 20 Still Photo’s (4k)
  • Perfect For Inspections & Construction Progress

Wedding Video

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  • 3-6 Minute Highlight Video
  • 8 Hours On Location
  • 4 Hours Post Production
  • Multi-Camera
  • Project Completion Within 3 Weeks
  • Web / Hard Drive View & Archive