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Welcome to New Grace Media

Providing you with the best media services for your business.

Web Design

Providing you with a website that will be viewable on any device.  Your site will be easy to maintain and provide you with analytical data to help drive your business.  We can do this all while providing you the best prices in the industry for creating a custom product.


We have the best photographers in the region to capture your event.  Using the state of the art camera and lenses, we will capture the look you are going for and provide you with the customer service you expect.

Aerial Mapping

Using UAV technology can save your company money by performing inspections of properties, roofs, solar panels as well as giving you accurate information for excavation and grading.  Aerial images are also the perfect choice to enhance real estate listings.  We also hold FAA 107 Certifications for Commercial Drone / UAV flight.

Video Production

Bringing the total package together is part of our ground based video production.  We have a team of passionate videographers that specialize in commercial productions, training sessions, and wedding videography.  Using state of the art DSLR and Mirco 4/3 cameras paired up with audio, lighting and editing software, we can deliver exactly what you are looking for within your budget.

Google Services / Virtual Tour

We have teamed up with Google to offer the areas only Google Trekker Streetview device.  As the only company in Western Maryland who has such a relationship with Google, we can then bring that same quality of outside images to the inside with our special camera systems and setup.

Church Services

Some of our greatest work is done with local churches.  Our crew designs multi-media projects every single week.  We have a passion for getting your message to your congregation in an easy to view format, all while tailored to your design style.  We understand just how thin you may be stretched and will help ease some of the weight from your shoulders.  Let us be a part of your community!
Our Mission, Commitment & Vision

It is our mission to be with you for the long haul.  Our commitment is to partner with you for your success and that means never leaving your side.  We believe that going local is your best source to find those that are vested in your best interests.  Our vision is never stop looking to the next innovation to bring you great service at a great price.  We are proud to offer so many firsts in the tri-state region such as Google Streetview, Aerial Photo/Video, and 360 Degree Virtual Tours.  Looking to new technologies embodies who we are and what we believe.

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